PHOTO DISCOVERY- A new concept

What is this?

We live in a perpetual movement where speed, efficiency, performance are key words. This instability generates a loss of marks. Our identity becomes fluctuating, our image diffuse, our style uncertain. The self-confidence, the self-respect are therefore altered.

Nevertheless our first mark, the one on which we are grounding our future is our person and its image. We all wish a happy fruitful love, social, professional life. But the gap between the ephemeral marks which are proposed to us and our own image widens. Our glance on ourself becomes rarely very friendly.
The photo, an immediate, a freeze frame, a moment of eternity, offers the opportunity to hang masks.

Session progress

In my photographic life I always tried to value those who agreed to use my glance and my sensitivity. I propose to you a first interview to know you, to explain you the progress of a session and especially to listen to you.

The session, strictly speaking, takes place over approximately 2-3 hours, generally in a studio, but the choice of the place is your final decision. If you wish it, a visagist / hairdresser will be at your disposal.

It is important to me that you feel comfortable. It is a privileged moment, istants of pleasure. Far from the contingencies of the day to day life, you will have the opportunity to free your energy and to fall this mask which definitely doesn’t protect you.

This session will be returned to you on a digital support (CD, USB key). The photos selected by you can, upon your request, be slightly retouched and printed by myself on «Fine Art» papers at the size of your choice.

As all those who undertook this gorgeous experience with my assistance, you will find find the most beautiful mark to move forward in full self confidence: YOU

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