Meditative Photo

The workshop photo meditation aims at developing the ” full consciousness ” by the practice of the photography, associated with the learning of meditation.

We used to talk about photographic techniques, framing, lighting, of what has to be done to come to a ” good photo “. On the other hand, we very rarely evoke the way to reach to a “remarkable” photo by putting in line our eyes, our spirit and our heart. Meditative photo, here proposed, works on this aspect by basing itself on the development of the pure perception and on the way of translating it into pictures.
The exercises of meditation, in movement, in postures, by the relaxation therapy allow for their part, to take time to settle in oneself to welcome better the outside world.
Photo and meditation join then for an awakening of consciousness and its translation in images.

Pascale Delpech, professor awarded a diploma by Yoga, Yoga-Nidra, relaxation therapist and Denis Jaillard professional photographer practising meditative photo, are both speakers of this workshop on two days.
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